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Accelerated Management Development Program

This is a comprehensive management program for the targeted development of young staff. Conducted over 12 days and 3 parts, it teaches them the most important facets of result-oriented management, strategy, marketing, self-management and leadership behavior, along with financial management.




Part 1

11.12.2017 - 14.12.2017

Berlin, Germany

Part 2

25.09.2017 - 28.09.2017

Davos, Switzerland

Part 3

23.10.2017 - 26.10.2017

Davos, Switzerland

Euro 7'900.-/ CHF 8'700.-/ US$ 9'500.-




Part 1

12.03.2018 - 15.03.2018

Berlin, Deutschland

Part 2

23.04.2018 - 26.04.2018

Luzern, Schweiz

Part 3

18.06.2018 - 21.06.2018

Brunnen, Schweiz

Euro 7'900.-/ CHF 8'700.-/ US$ 9'500.-

Sessions & Fees

Sessions & Fees



This 3-part management development program provides maximum exposure to key business knowledge in the fields of strategy, marketing, finance, self-management and effective leadership.

It helps participants comprehend the entire business system and how to create value by linking all the parts. Overall, the program provides the tools and skills needed to ensure your own success and the success of your organization.



Part I covers strategic management and market success.

Part II explores the elements and impact of leadership.

Part III gives participants the financial tools and knowledge they need to make well-founded, holistic decisions.




Key benefits

Key benefits
  • Build a results-oriented business mindset
  • Apply the full range of business and financial tools to your management challenges
  • Understand the current shifting environment and its effects on business
  • Recognize the inter-dependencies between your team, your key stakeholders, your functional business areas and the marketplace
  • Understand how to be an authentic manager able to influence others and lead
  • Improve your ability to lead cross-functional projects and initiatives
  • Boost your ability to see opportunities for increasing operating performance and financial results
  • Broaden your professional prospects and expand your peer network

Who should attend

Who should attend
  • Functional managers with little or no formal business training who want to improve their managerial and leadership competencies in an up-to-date, highly practical general management program
  • High potential managers who are being groomed for more managerial responsibility
  • Specialists and professionals from all business fields designated to take on additional managerial and leadership responsibilities and who want to improve their general management skills
  • Project managers in charge of complex projects across teams, functions or borders
  • Emerging leaders who are new to management
  • Experts in science engineering, IT, medicine, etc.

Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus

Part I: Strategic Management and Marketing

Systems Thinking: A Modern Management Approach

  • Cutting through complexity to achieve results
  • Dealing with turbulent environments
  • Failure due to departmental thinking

 Strategic Frameworks and Thinking

  • Concepts, tools and instruments of strategic management
  • Formulating and communicating strategies
  • Developing a strategic action plan

 Marketing Concepts and Practices

  • New paradigms in marketing
  • Essentials of a convincing marketing concept
  • How to put customers and customer value at the center of marketing efforts
  • Achieving marketing success, within budget

 Driving Performance

  • Identifying profit opportunities in a business
  • How to spot low value or even dangerous business opportunities
  • Knowing the mechanisms for improved profit margins

 Part II: Leadership

 Essential Concepts of Leadership

  • Good leadership as a performance multiplier
  • The key traits of effective leaders
  • How leadership improves the effectiveness of organizations
  • Avoiding typical leadership mistakes

 Personal Effectiveness

  • The art of setting priorities
  • How to delegate tasks
  • Techniques of good time management

 Persuasive Communication

  • How to communicate goals clearly
  • Opening channels for feedback and monitoring
  • Motivational language and empowering action

 Social Competence

  • Social skills as prerequisites for successful management
  • Evaluating your social strengths and weaknesses
  • Developing and capitalizing on your social competencies

 Managing Others

  • Instruments and methods for leading others
  • Management by objective rather than task
  • Coaching and mentoring to bring out employee potential

Getting Things Done: The Management Process

  • Problem solving in daily management
  • Reducing the time between decision and action
  • Optimizing your decision making process
  • Learning from your own and others’ mistakes

Part III: Financial Management and Accounting


 Developing Financial Acumen

  • Interrelations among shareholder, stakeholder and customer value
  • The impact of finance on strategy and operations
  • Objectives and instruments of financial management
  • Importance of the cost of capital

 Tools of Financial Analysis

  • Understanding financial statements
  • Principles of break-even analysis
  • Financial insight into "make or buy" decisions
  • Interpreting and calculating key performance indicators, such as: ROI, EBIT, ROE, WAG, cash flow, etc.
  • Frameworks for valuation

 Creating a Convincing Business Plan

  • The structure and content of a business plan
  • Developing and refining a business plan
  • How to make plausible assumptions for credibility and defensibility

 Planning and Budgeting

  • The budget cycle and the steps in creating a budget
  • Early detection of deviations from a business plan
  • Competent handling of management reports
  • Tools for correcting deviations in order to meet fiscal objectives

 Cost Management and Containment

  • Cost accounting and understanding cost drivers
  • Approaches to cost reduction
  • The benefits of variable cost structures



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