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How Asia Works - Doing Business in the World's Most Dynamic Region

This 3-day seminar was launched to show managers how an organization can grow better and faster by using the typical and different strengths of Asian research, production and consumer markets.





21.08.2017 - 23.08.2017

Davos, Switzerland

Euro 3'600.-/CHF 3'900.-/US$ 4.200.-

Dates & Fees

Dates & Fees



This three-day management seminar addresses executives, experienced managers and practitioners looking for an update and in-depth introduction to doing business in Asia. The program focuses also on current or future expatriate managers or members of multinational teams who are preparing for running a business in Asia. The premise of this seminar is that it is crucial for any company looking to compete in Asian markets and wanting to profit from its vast potential to understand both Western and Asian management practices. The participants of this seminar will experience a substantial selection of best practices and case studies which illustrate both opportunities and threats organizations are exposed to when entering emerging markets in Asia.

Key benefits

Key benefits

During the program’s 3 days, you will learn:

  • How the cultural, economic, and business arenas function in Asia and how you can successfully deal with them
  • Which strategies are best suited to enter profitably the growing regions in Asia
  • Which approaches work best to establish a successful business in Asia
  • How is it possible to avoid problems and barriers to successful business in advance

Who should attend

Who should attend

Executives, experienced managers and practitioners who want take advantage of growth opportunities in Asia. Among participants you will see:

  • Executives planning to redefine their business models by identifying new  opportunities in Asia
  • Current or scheduled expatriate managers
  • Members of multinational teams who seek to prepare for running a business in Asia’s changing environment
  • Executives intending to broaden their knowledge in Asian management practices

Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus

The unique Asian business and cultural environment

  • Understanding the dynamics of globalization and Asia’s role
  • How to master the unique Asian business and cultural environment
  • Challenges of running a business in Asia
  • Typical cross-cultural misunderstandings: Asian culture and its managerial implications

Importance of Asia’s markets and their different growth potentials

  • Identification of regions with future growth potential in Asia
  • Why is the potential of the markets  frequently underrated?
  • The really relevant criteria to evaluate market attractiveness
  • The effect of diverse cultures and value systems on businesses and organizations
  • Human resources challenges in Asia

Challenges of Globalization and Asian peculiarities

  • Identifying and eliminating barriers to entry into the huge Asian market
  • Recognizing your current and future competitors
  • The practice of selective differentiation and adaptation of successful global  players
  • The process of global integration and  local adaptation
  • How to slice it: smart market-segmentation for the 21st century

Market entry

  • The Drivers of entry success
  • Explore effective market entry strategies and options of setting up business operations in Asia
  • Five steps to successful market entry
  • The value of business networks
  • A road map for exporting to Asian markets

Real-world cases

  • Examples of successful strategies for medium-sized businesses and large  corporations in Asia
  • Entry, reorganization and subsequent growth of a European company in Asia



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