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The faculty of Boston Business School comprises nearly 100 first-rate professors, instructors and consultants. All members of our faculty have extensive real-life and hands-on management experience in a range of industries and countries.

Research & Institutes

Current Research Topics


Decision Making

Which decisions should the highest levels of management take? Which ones do you actually make? What happens in the company that was never really decided?


Stress Testing for Businesses

Which management risks exist, and what would happen if they occurred?
How can businesses structured to be crisis resistant?


Executive Leadership: Study III

How can management steer big organizations in the desired direction?


Going East: Entering Chinese Markets

How mid-sized companies can make it into Chinese markets.


Branding an Internet Business

Which brand management concepts work for Internet businesses, and which ones don’t?


Talent management in the global company

Selection—Support programs—Coaching
How global companies educate their future managers.

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