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Driving Corporate Performance

Act successfully today, and plan responsibly for tomorrow. This top program for executives, managers and experienced functional specialists provides ideas, knowledge and orientation for resolving the tension between managing for the present and managing for the future. You acquire solid management knowledge about strategy, marketing and finance in a concentrated, intensive form. 5 + 4 days.

Dates & Fees

Dates & Fees



As a manager, you know from experience that managing a business or business unit is one of the most complex, demanding management tasks. In the face of innumerable unknowns, tight resources and constant time pressure, effective management is all about taking course-altering decisions. You can only set effective direction when you know exactly where you stand. This is why you must begin every strategic decision with a full assessment of the situation. The key criterion of success is future viability; yet, this should not become the altar upon you sacrifice everything else. If you do too much for the future, you fall short of the desired results today. Conversely, if you think only about today, you run the risk of missing out on tomorrow. This balancing act is especially pronounced in finance and strategy. On the one hand, you need to optimize short-term key performance indicators like cash flow, profit contribution and profitability. On the other hand, you need to secure the long-term future through profitable investments in innovation, restructuring, new competences and capabilities, or acquisitions. Dealing adroitly with this inherent tension is one of the most difficult things effective general managers achieve. This program shows you how responsible, holistic optimization works, bearing in mind that you are paid to obtain results. During this program, you systematically build, extend and use this ability.


Key benefits

Key benefits

Based on the «here and now» of your company, this two-part program answers the following questions:

  • What is tried and tested general management knowledge, and how can it contribute to your company's success in uncertain times?
  • Where is your organization today with respect to its strategic direction, customer orientation and financial value?
  • How can you prepare for your company's future by improving your strategic direction, customer orientation and financial value?
  • Which instruments of financial management do you have available? How can you use them to carry out your management tasks even more effectively?
  • Which decisions can you make? And which ones must you make?
  • Which measures should you take in order to achieve strategic and financial goals?



Part 1: General Management

Part 2: Financial Management



Who should attend

Who should attend
  • Executives with general management responsibilities such as heads of business units, country managers or CEOs
  • High ranking functional managers who want to broaden and update their perspective
  • Managers who are earmarked for promotion or who are seeking a promotion to an executive position

Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus

Part 1: General Management

The Art and Science of Holistic Management

  • A model of holistic management
  • The difficulty of raising this year's profits while ensuring next year's profitability

 Setting Boundaries to Shape Corporate Development

  • Setting company goals within the correct strategic time horizon
  • Corporate strategy
  • Collaboration between the executive board and management

Systematic Situational Analysis: The General Management Audit

  • What do the numbers say?
  • Get a quick overview of the initial strategic conditions
  • Identify binding constraints and structural limitations
  • Prevent and reduce excessive complexity
  • Uncover the need for strategic action
  • Formulate the central questions for a profitable corporate future

Defining Strategic Direction

  • The meaning of strong market position
  • Being active in attractive markets
  • The importance of creating new markets
  • Building structures that are simple and drive results
  • Factors for success in the business of the future
  • Measures for boosting sustainably, raising profitability and increasing company value

Strategic Marketing and Brand Management

  • Tapping customer potential with skillful marketing
  • Using all of a brand’s potential
  • Successful innovation management and business development

Conditions for Successful Implementation

  • Speed, results-orientation and customer proximity: a matter of people and processes
  • Effective controlling
  • Successful change management

 Part 2: Financial Management

 Modern Financial Management

  • Overview of financial management
  • Value-oriented management
  • Fundamental financial decisions

Planning, Budgeting, and Investment

  • Conceptual basis for planning and budgeting
  • Profit goals and profitability objectives

Cost of Capital and Modern Financing

  • Lowing the costs of capital
  • Modern forms of financing

Profit Management

  • Tools of profit management
  • Measures for improving results
  • Meeting cash flow goals
  • Eliminating sources for loss, and cleaning out the portfolio

Designing Cost Structures

  • Drafting a defensible concept for cost structure
  • Setting a break-even point that is congruent with business volatility

Liquidity Management

  • Watch out—liquidity trap!
  • Just how liquid should we be?
  • Instruments for managing liquidity

Capital Markets and Banks

  • The logic of capital markets
  • The role of analysts and opinion-makers
  • Negotiating with banks

Restructuring, Downsizing and Turnaround

  • Determining the capacity for restructuring
  • Restructuring concepts
  • Making the turnaround

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Purchasing businesses and business units
  • Synergies and learning effects
  • Valuation and due diligence



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