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Marketing Management for Competitive Advantage

To be successful in the marketplace, a company needs persuasive marketing. This 4-day seminar offers the latest knowledge and practical tools for a holistic marketing approach. We will show you how to optimize your marketing know-how and toolset even further, and how to implement this to generate even more value for your company.





13.11.2017 - 16.11.2017

Berlin, Germany

Euro 3'600.-/CHF 3'900.-/US$ 4'500.-

Sessions & Fees

Sessions & Fees



Marketing acts as interface between a company and its surroundings, especially with customers, and is seen as one of the central activities of modern corporate management. An increase in competitive pressure, shorter product cycles, and ever-changing markets – in our globalized world having a marketing mindset and knowing its methods are becoming increasingly more important, because they allow you to create real corporate value. If your marketing efforts are consistently focused on customer demands, you are better able to capitalize on the potential of your existing customers and – thanks to your need-oriented focus – to win new customers, create brand value and last but not least, to build up a profound insight into your customers and your industry. And these days the Internet, digitization, social media, community building and new forms of communication represent a major challenge to modern marketing. These things could cause a major shift in the value-added process. Marketing, therefore, is increasingly a question of communication, relationship management and customer value and how to build, develop, and leverage that value.

How you benefit

How you benefit

This marketing course will give you a holistic understanding of marketing in all of its facets. What you learn in this seminar will help you get even better at using marketing to create value for your company. You’ll learn the factors of modern marketing success and will be able to come up with catchy marketing concepts and to analyses them better. You’ll learn to implement marketing activities in a way that achieves ambitious objectives when it comes to product, market and customer profitability. You will also get fresh ideas about how to better differentiate your business from your competitors.

Who should attend

Who should attend
  • Executives and successful managers who are working to differentiate their business more from its competitors and who are looking for fresh ideas to help them strengthen and expand their market position, and to look critically at their existing marketing concepts
  • Marketing directors, sales directors, key account managers and marketing practitioners who want to acquire in a short time the latest knowledge and newest ideas about modern marketing techniques
  • Managers and junior staff from product, customer, sales or brand management, who want to expand their marketing knowledge-base
  • Executives who are planning to assume marketing tasks inn the future or who are going to become more of a decision-maker for the marketing activities at his or her company





Marketing as a Factor of Success

Good product and services alone do not guarantee success. Without competent marketing, they will fall flat.

  • Marketing as a central corporate activity
  • Orienting all marketing activities, its philosophy, objectives and results on creating customer benefits and profitability
  • What tasks are involved for marketing management when it comes to a conflict in aims?
  • Trends like online marketing, Industry 4.0 and mobile maketing

Instruments of Analysis in Marketing Management

Marketing begins with the customer, his or her needs and problems. What tools can you use for conducting customer and market analyses, and how do you apply their results? How can these analyses contribute to creating new customer benefits and promising business activities for today and in the future?

  • Tools for conducting market and corporate analyses
  • The competition never sleeps – doing competitor and competitive-environment analyses
  • Customer and customer behavior
  • Recognizing changes and trends using digitalization, networking and social media

Marketing Strategy – Paving the Right Way Forward

Strategy decides if you are successful or not.

  • Determining the right marketing objectives
  • Alternative Marketing – a summary of strategies for this
  • Determining your own Marketing strategy
  • The brand as part of marketing strategy
  • Focusing on the right things – what positioning of my company, and what customer segments, promise the most success?
  • How to work in a targeted way with customers, country and sales portfolios
  • Tools for create practical marketing concepts and plans

Elements and Concepts for Achieving the Right Marketing Mix

From strategy to concrete action, how one develops a marketing plan:

  • The right product, service and portfolio policy
  • The right pricing – how to determine this and get it approved
  • Price as an instrument of positioning
  • How should I set up my communication activities?
  • How can I calculate the budget and resources I will need for this?
  • Going on the offensive in market cultivation and customer retention
  • Corporate identity and brand concepts
  • Brand management and emotion
  • At the end of the day, sales determine results, so sale channels need to be carefully chosen
  • Which sales and distribution strategies makes sense for my company, and how should these be implemented?
  • Being successful at the point-of-sale
  • CRM and key-account management
  • Digital and online marketing

Using Marketing Controlling to Increase Effectiveness and Efficiency

Results-oriented Marketing must know how effective the tools being used are.

  • How do you measure the success of your marketing activities?
  • What tasks are involved in marketing controlling?
  • Real-world examples



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