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Pragmatic, relevant management seminars about specific management topics or multi-part executive education programs. For executives, managers, practioners and high potentials.

Open Programs

Personality & Communication

  • Personality, Authenticity & Leadership Presence
    Having confidence, being able to convince others, are traits you cannot do without if you want to achieve even more. You will evaluate and enhance your repertoire of personal and socials skills in this 3day top-level personality training for managers.
  • Excellence in Negotiation & Communication
    Good communication and effective bargaining is not an art but an essential key to success. In this intensive, 3-day training you will learn and practice the techniques of skillful communication and convincing negotiations.
  • Executive Decision-Making
    How do you make the right decision? This 3-day, indepth and interactive seminar about holistic decision management offers guidance and instruction to executives looking to optimize their decisionsmaking skills even further.
  • Achieving Impact Through Communication & Presence
    You already have proven skills at being persuasive and confident when communicating and negotiating. Take them to the next level in this program. 2 x 3 days. 
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