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Pragmatic, relevant management seminars about specific management topics or multi-part executive education programs. For executives, managers, practioners and high potentials.

Open Programs

Strategic Management, Marketing & Sales

  • Strategic Management for Executives 
    This 4-day seminar on the central topics of strategic management offers you the latest knowledge about the factors ensuring success in strategic development using real-world examples, modern tools and best practices from modern strategy theory.
  • International Strategy Program
    This program shows you how to develop the best possible strategies for your company or company area – in a step-by-step process using the latest scientific insights from strategy theory and many interesting real-world examples. It also demonstrates how leadership and management expertise make it possible to turn strategies into top results – implementation thanks to leadership. 2 x 4 days.
  • Advanced Strategy - Driving Growth & Business Innovation 
    To survive in the future, a company will have to constantly reinvent itself and take advantage of strategic opportunities. Many companies, however, struggle with business development and innovation. This seminar will give you the guidelines you need to develop strategy by thinking outside the box. 3 days.
  • Marketing Management for Competitive Advantage
    To be successful in the marketplace, a company needs persuasive marketing. This 4-day seminar offers the latest knowledge and practical tools for a holistic marketing approach. We will show you how to optimize your marketing know-how and toolset even further, and how to implement this to generate even more value for your company.
  • Strategic Market Management 
    Successful strategic management and marketing go hand-in-hand – strategy shows you way to go, marketing helps you get there. Goal of this 2-part program is to demonstrate the latest knowledge on both subjects and especially how to establish the links between them that are so important. 2 x 4 days.
  • Strategic Decision-Making 
  • Does your area of responsibility need a strategic direction? What topics do you need to concern yourself with when making a strategic decision? How do executives make their decisions and how does strategic decision-management function? 4 + 3 days.
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