Our research activities are based on their practical use. It’s not about elegance or the intellectual brilliance of a model, rather it’s about results. Simply repudiating new research just because it’s „new“ or because it contradicts certain cherished models is just as fallacious as repudiating tried and true council just because it’s old.

Our research activities are decentrally organized and bundled in our Institutes. The goal of the Institutes is to observe developments in research, theory and practice in order to make new findings accessible to the participants of our executive education offerings in any given area of focus.

The teaching of all the Institutes is best characterized by a high degree of practicality, which gives our participants the possibility of acquiring strong business competencies and problem-solving skills, in addition to their honing teamwork abilities and refining presentation techniques.

When it comes to research, each Institute has the responsibility to research in a manner appropriate to the target audience. This means being solution and decision oriented. Proven management knowledge is thus combined with current concepts to form the basis for results-oriented leadership within our General Management Approach.

In addition, all Institutes share in the fact that they are led by excellent personalities, who put their rich experience at the disposal of Boston Business School and it’s program participants.