The Strategy Institute BBS seeks to create sustainable competitive advantage and realize potential growth for clients by staying abreast of developments in the domain of strategy, both in research and operational practice.

Mature markets and ever increasing competition are the characteristics of our business environment. The Strategy Institute BBS helps businesses to reinvent themselves in order to gain new entrepreneurial perspectives. Together with our clients, we work out and realize strategies, which generate real value for customers and ensure direction within the organization itself. We also make sure that the targeted markets have the requisite business potential.

Through seminars, in-house workshops, consulting and research, we support clients in the following strategy-based missions:

  • Strategic analysis
  • Focusing on profitable businesses
  • Strategic financial management
  • Business development
  • Development of strategic options
  • Forming alliances
  • Expanding into new globalized markets, growth strategies
  • Strategic realignment of organizational structures
  • Forceful strategy implementation
The Strategy Institute BBS supports those businesses, which want to achieve outstanding business success despite the competitive environment. These businesses learn to see beyond the typical business models of their sector; they think in terms of systems, and have the ability to constantly adapt them to competitive environment. Most organizations, in our experience, possess the requisite potential to take new strategic positions despite difficult initial conditions. However, they often lack the capacity to do this systematically. We advise those responsible for strategy, CEOs, board members and entrepreneurs on how to draw on their own strengths and bring them to bear effectively. Our approach allows us to create new benefits and unique selling points for customers, and to redefine the rules of competition.

How can strategic options be weighed against one another? How can the entire organization – without if’s, and’s, and but’s – be aligned with common objectives? What are the relevant criteria for successful change management? How can implementation processes be accelerated? Using the newest discoveries from theory and practice, and intensive personal exchange, we help clients to develop their company-specific approach to business performance and success

Institute for Strategic Management BBS

The Strategy Institute BBS is led by Ulrich Grothe. Ulrich Grothe was responsible for the corporate strategy of an international company for several years. As the director of a mid-sized company, he developed new business models with great market success. He has a wide background as a business consultant. For one of the large American consulting companies, he developed new approaches for the consulting business and was in charge of international strategy projects.

For additional questions concerning the Institute’s activities please contact the Institute director by telephone +41 (0)43 499 40 20 or by email: