Achieving Impact Through Communication & Presence

You already have proven skills at being persuasive and confident when communicating and negotiating. Take them to the next level in this program. 2 x 3 days.


Every company has them and a lot of managers see themselves in these people – employees who have brilliant ideas and thoughts, but who are unable to «sell» them because they have no support from within the company. Most of the time, they are not persuasive enough and lack the skills and the confidence for convincing argumentation, which is the basis for leading meetings or conducting negotiations successfully. In this 2 x 3-day program, you will work on exactly these things and after the 6 days are over, you’ll return to work with a much larger repertoire of skills to make you even more persuasive. And you will benefit from the neutral, constructive feedback you’ll get during the training, feedback that you seldom get at your place of work.

Who should attend

  • Managers who want to improve the overall impression they make on others, as preparation for moving up to a higher management position, by learning how they can use their personality even more effectively
  • Practitioners and ambitious specialists who want to practicen their skills to be even more confident and persuasive at work
  • Specialists and managers who want to develop their skills at handling management challenges even better

All participants should place high value on being able to implement what they learn quickly and effectively. Since the number of participants per group is limited, we recommend registering as early as possible.

Key details


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Areas of Focus

Coming Across to Others as Authentic and Persuasive

  • What does authenticity mean and why it is so important today
  • Leading in a believable way
  • Self-awareness and behavioral change

Personality and Leadership

  • First impressions – why they are so important
  • Self-analysis and how you are perceived by others
  • Charisma
  • Body-language, mimic and attitude
  • Skills to help you continue to be persuasive

Confidence when dealing with Employees, Superiors and Customers

  • The importance of context
  • From a person to a personality
  • Recognizing and mastering doubt and uncertainty
  • Successfully dealing with conflict

Effective Communication

  • Initial contact, the right choice of words
  • Emotional competence during discussions, meetings and negotiations
  • Skillful presentations
  • Difficult discussions
  • Stumbling blocks that you need to avoid
  • Relationships to third parties, networking
  • Motivating and creating enthusiasm
  • Building a win-win relationship, conflict as an opportunity

Persuasive Negotiation, Targeted Use of Negotiation Techniques

  • Being persuasive and its role in the negotiation process
  • The struggle for a business advantage and how to tactically and correctly manage this
  • Recognizing chances during negotiation, mastering crisis during negotiations
  • Being tough when necessary
  • The art of “active” listening
  • The right way to be right, without being a know-it-all
  • How to build a convincing line of argument
  • Being believable in difficult discussion situations