Customized Solutions

Management know-how plus the solution.

Customized Solutions (TM) are the combination of company specific seminars and implementation consulting. On the first day we introduce you to the relevant management know-how. Our approach is condensed and practical. We then solve a specific assignment. The instructor assumes the role of teacher, moderator and consultant.

We offer a new form of management know-how transfer at our Executive Campus at Lake Zurich or in your company – or any location you desire. Customized Solutions are seminars plus implementation consulting. The Seminar Program is as follows:

Selected Solutions Products

  • Strategy audit
  • Improving profitability
  • New business development
  • Risk management
  • Market share & marketing success
  • The best organizational structure
  • Excellence in corporate finance
  • Succession planning
  • Post-merger integration
  • Effective leadership
  • Conflict management
Day 1: Management know how for your own situation
Day 2: Company-specific implementation. 

For 1 to maximum 10 participants from a single company or company group.

The advantage is obvious: You gain the latest know-how, other participants gain common knowledge and apply the newly gained know-how to your needs, supported by an experienced consultant and moderator.

Customized Solutions is the ideal mix for all those who are looking for external support but who want to work out their own solutions.