Excellence in Negotiation & Communication

Good communication and effective bargaining is not an art but an essential key to success. In this intensive, 3-day training you will learn and practice the techniques of skillful communication and convincing negotiations.


Skillful negotiations and effective communications go hand-in-hand. When practicing these things, you need to align what your communication activities are and how you conduct them, so that they help achieve company objectives. You do this by adhering to important fundamental rules, and by applying tried and tested techniques developed from our knowledge of the business world.

In this intensive, 3-day course you will practice these important management skills in selected communication situations using role playing, interactive training and case studies.

Who should attend

  • Managers who want to evaluate and practice theoretically sound negotiation and communication skills in a systematic and interactive way
  • Leaders who want to sharpen their communication skills to be even more focused on objective and result-achievement
  • Practitioners who want to take their already-strong negotiation and communication skills to the next level
  • Managers who want to sharpen their skills of persuasion and their ability to deal with conflict
  • Executives, who want to develop both internal and externaln negotiation and communication skills

Key details


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Areas of Focus

Communication in Every Day Management – Strategies of Persuasion

  • The psychology of human communications
  • How to start a conversation
  • The art of “active” listening
  • Emotional competence during discussions, meetings, negotiations
  • The right way to be right, without being a know-it-all
  • How to build a convincing line of argument
  • Remaining believable even in tough negotiations
  • The importance of body-language

Successful Negotiations – Tried and Tested Principles

  • Every negotiation is unique!
  • Why patience is a virtue
  • The importance of information
  • Keeping your promises

How Mental Preparation can be the Key to Negotiation Success

  • Motivating yourself to be a successful negotiator
  • Knowing exactly who your negotiating partner is
  • Setting clear goals, keeping even more options open

Persuasive Negotiation, Targeted Use of Negotiation Techniques

  • Being persuasive and its role in the negotiation process
  • The struggle for a business advantage and how to tactically and correctly manage this
  • Recognizing chances during negotiation, mastering crisis during negotiations
  • Being tough when necessary

The Result – Negotiation Success

  • Turning conflicting interests into a win-win situation
  • Promoting a better relationship between negotiating parties
  • Getting an agreement that’s implementable and effective
  • Putting down a foundation for long-term cooperation