Leadership for Executives

What constitutes good leadership? How do you lead from the top? In this 4-day course, managers who want to optimize their leadership and motivation skills even further will learn everything about the principles behind performance and result-oriented leadership.


Competent leadership is one of the most important factors in management. But what do you need to really lead well? Which personal abilities do you need to get the best out of your team or organization? How do you keep levels of motivation high and achieve excellent results at the same time?

Who should attend

  • Experienced managers who want to deepen their knowledge of effective leadership, to filter out what is necessary for their specific management position and learn how to apply this to increase productivity
  • Executives who are always working on their competence as a manager and want to compare their own experiences to insights from current management theory
  • Executives with responsibility, experience and management success who seek new impetus in dealing with challenging management tasks

Areas of Focus

Effective Leadership

  • Why and how good are motivators at dramatically increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of their organization?
  • What characterizes effective managers?
  • The latest insights from leadership theory
  • Common leadership mistakes made at work, and how youn can avoid them

Determining my own Status Quo

  • What are my strengths as a leader?
  • Where is there potential for optimization?
  • Which competences should I develop?

Performance, Motivation and Communication

  • Using self-motivation, avoiding demotivation
  • Rules to ensure a win-win situation
  • Developing top empowerment skills
  • Reviewing your communications skills

Fair Conflict Resolution

  • Conflicts – caused by system or persons?
  • Using conflict as an opportunity

Trust as an Element of Corporate Culture

  • Trust as a factor of productivity
  • Trust as basis for decentralized leadership

How to Lead Leaders and Teams

  • Developing management conduct goals
  • Training self-responsibility
  • How can I build an effective team?

Work-Life Balance

  • Examining your vision of what your personal life should be
  • Career success without sacrificing your private life

Skillful Change Management

  • Turning those affected into participants
  • Winning-over employees to change
  • How is the digital revolution changing the way we lead?

Organizational Excellence thanks to Good Leadership

  • Optimally using synergies
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Consciously designing the systems you us

Key details

17.04.2023 - 20.04.2023, Brunnen (near Lucerne)
EUR 6'400.- / CHF 5'900.- (plus VAT)

16.10.2023 - 19.10.2023, Boston, MA
EUR 6'400.- / CHF 5'900.- (plus VAT)

16.10.2023 - 19.10.2023, Luzern
EUR 6'400.- / CHF 5'900.- (plus VAT)


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