General Management for Executives (GME)

Thinking holistically, setting a smart course of action and robust implementation – get the key skills you need for successful general management in 5 days.


Executives with general management responsibilities are in charge of many things. For the right strategy, for mastering digitalization and transformation, for sensible innovation and new business models; for positioning, branding and competitive position; for satisfied customers, motivated and productive employees, for top financial results and much more. General management means having the skills to achieve sustainable, first class results in a complex business environment. How can these vital management tasks – so essential to the success of your business – be achieved in the best possible way? If you are looking for answers to these questions, our General Management for Executives course delivers it – in form of a creative, application-ready synthesis of the latest management knowledge. You will profit from an exchange of ideas with first-class lecturers and executive participants like yourself from very different industries and countries. Current examples, best practices and a controlled, moderated exchange of opinions will give you important insights when implementing what you learn.

Who should attend

This is a compact program designed for proven senior business leaders and experienced managers with an agenda for delivering success and impact. This includes:

  • General managers, members of executive boards
  • Division heads or heads of a business unit
  • Heads of profit centers and departments
  • Experienced leaders responsible for important central activities and functions

Participants might come from large organizations or medium-sized companies or even from start-ups. In the past, participants have come from over 15 countries and a wide variety of industries and organizations.

How you benefit

This course teaches you the latest knowledge about holistic and result-oriented corporate management.

It will support you in:

  • extracting the factors you need to be even more successful in your management activities
  • guaranteeing the success of your company thanks to an update of tried-and-tested general management knowledge
  • finding more time for really important decisions, and thinking and acting in an even more result-oriented way
  • setting strategic priorities and using these to initiate known strategic programs

Areas of Focus

General Management – How to Successfully Conduct Business Today and in the Future

Finding the right balance between short-term results-optimization and long-term prosperity is one of the most difficult management tasks that executives are confronted with.

  • The principles behind long-term success
  • Short-term results – increasing profits, achieving profitability targets
  • Ensuring a sustainable future – identifying investment needs

Drawing the Right Conclusions

Managers are swamped with information – industry reports, studies, internal market and competitor analyses all need to be read in the right way and evaluated for their strategic relevance. But even the best decision guidelines cannot replace some things – the ability to ask the right questions, to have a nose for emerging trends and to be able to filter out from numerous sources exactly that information needed to create the right strategic roadmap.

  • Recognizing trend reversals early
  • Defining where you need to act, where you need to initiate a course correction
  • Developing pragmatic knowledge management – optimal use of proven knowledge and expertise

Strategic Management

Once you have identified where you need to act, you must do so quickly and relentlessly. But what is the difference between a good and a bad strategy here? Which way is the right one, and why? Here you get good use out of management concepts, empirical studies and best practices. We show you how to do this.

  • The concept of strategic management
  • Making minimal, but correct changes to your strategy is often enough – we show you what to change and how to go about it
  • Creating structures, changing structures
  • Successfully implementing your strategy

Motivation, Communication and Leadership

How successful a strategy is will be seen in the marketplace – more motivation means more profit. Skillful communication, the right leadership style for the situation and shared values are playing an increasingly important role in this.

  • Using your own leadership qualities in a result-oriented way
  • How to motivate employees long-term
  • Effective communication internally and externally

Marketing, Innovation and Branding

As an executive, you affect marketing efforts to interface with the customer. We will show you how strategies can be converted into customer-focused marketing concepts, and which tools and methods are needed to achieve above-average market success.

  • What characterizes good marketing, and what every person on the management staff needs to know about marketing
  • Customer benefits and customer proximity
  • The importance of the brand
  • Digitalization as opportunity

Modern Financial Management

Betting on stock prices, exchange-rate and price fluctuations are for speculators. Serious executives and managers concentrate on sustainable value creation. We show you why value-oriented corporate management and social responsibility do not have to be a contradiction in terms.

  • Financial responsibility as a management task that cannot be delegated
  • An overall system concept for value-oriented management
  • With what concepts can you increase corporate value continuously and sustainably?

Key details

19.09.2022 - 23.09.2022, Zürich
EUR 5'200.- / CHF 5'400.- (plus VAT)


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