Focal Points

Life-long learning has become a sine qua non for today’s executives and tomorrow’s managers alike. For this reason, Boston Business School concentrates exclusively on the demanding needs of top management, executives, managers, and potential managers from both large corporations and medium-sized companies. For you, we want to be the consulting and executive education partner from whom you expect high levels of competence and high standards; the partner continually searching for tailored solutions and unconditionally committed to your success.

Focusing on Practical Solutions

Boston Business School provides management development solutions to meet the needs and priorities of today’s and tomorrow’s executives and their organizations. The result of our focus and extensive experience is evident in our approach to learning. We provide a compact, yet intense and challenging curriculum, which combines our communicative and learner centered methodology with the experience of our highly rated instructors.

Emphasis on Strategic Thinking, Leadership and Implementation

At Boston Business School, we emphasize the core competencies required to ensure an individual’s success on both middle and senior management levels. We optimize the knowledge transfer process with constant focus on the real-life applicability of our management principles, techniques and tools. An important element of your experience with Boston Business School is benefiting from the personalized attention of our faculty, and learning from the first-hand experiences of other participants.

General Management Approach – Integration of American, European and Asian Management Know-how

Currently, hundreds of business schools worldwide research management practices. At Boston Business School we analyze these research findings and observe their impact on business. We then translate them into practical know-how for real-life management situations. Our research system is supported by strategic alliances with reputable institutions and knowledge partners in Europe, North America and the Asian-Pacific region. We use this global knowledge network, combined with actual experiences, to build a world-class curriculum.

Focus on Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Boston Business School’s goal is quality leadership by using select instructors and offering courses that are based on well researched and practical content, and that are tailored to the educational needs of executives. We constantly strive for outstanding customer satisfaction and our success shows that this recognized and honored.