General Management & Strategy

General Management

  • International Mini-MBA Program
    Our most comprehensive develeopment program for up- and coming managers, specialists and executives in training, covering all leadership and general management topics. 12 days.
  • Executive General Management Program
    Intensive general management program that prepares executives for new and greater responsibilities, or reinforces their existing skills by keeping them abreast of the latest developments in managerial practice. 2 x 4 days.
  • General Management for Emerging Leaders
    Companies are complex systems that you need to understand in their totality. This program gives young, high potential managers a compact overview of the principles, objectives and practices of holistic, result-oriented management. 4 days
  • Advanced Management Program (AMP)
    This 3-part Advanced Management Program will help executives enhance their executive management skills, optimize further their leadership and financial management expertise and their ability to make vital decisions in all areas of management.
  • Strategic Management for Executives
    This 4-day seminar on the central topics of strategic management offers you the latest knowledge about the factors ensuring success in strategic development using real-world examples, modern tools and best practices from modern strategy theory.