International Business & Marketing

The Institute for International Business and Marketing BBS assists enterprises in successfully dealing with internationalization and globalization.

Markets are ever more international. They are becoming ever more integrated due to the EU and the economic expansion in Asia, especially in China. Even small and middle-sized business must defend their competitive position actively in transnational markets. This requires comprehensive knowledge about market structures, international competition, as well as the economic, cultural, and political idiosyncrasies of the often unfamiliar markets.

With increasing globalization and the stronger penetration of foreign competition, internationalization is becoming an imperative for survival. Those businesses, which are already active in several countries and continents, see themselves being confronted with the continually changing challenges of adaptation and coordination.

The Institute for International Business and Marketing BBS accompanies its customers in conceiving market entry plans and rolling out concrete measures for internationalization.

We are a competent trusted advisor for the development and implementation of practical and customized plans for business activities abroad. Our many years of consulting experience allow us to give comprehensive information and suggest concrete solutions.

With seminars, in-house workshops, research and consulting services, we support clients in the following operational and strategic activities:

1. Appropriate information about

  • Countries
  • Markets
  • Transportation and financing
  • Partnerships


2. Development of an internationalization strategy

  • Status quo analysis
  • Strengths-weaknesses analysis
  • Risk-reward analysis
  • Selecting the appropriate type of internationalization
  • Drawing up a profile of possible partners


3. Implementation of internationalization strategies

  • Accompaniment in the operational implementation
  • Search and selection of the appropriate foreign partner
  • Project monitoring and management
  • Convention training and assistance

Most recently, Professor Pförtsch increasingly deals with international brand management for industrial companies, and develops branding concepts for middle-sized and large business-to-business companies. More information on his latest publication with Philip Kotler can be found here.

Institute for International Business & Marketing BBS

Professor Dr. Waldemar Pförtsch is director of the Institute for International Business and Marketing. He is one of the leading authorities of this domain, in research, teaching as well as consulting. The experience, which he brings to the table, he acquired whilst working for large companies in Germany and the US. He refined his approach led to international consulting contracts. Today, his area of expertise comprises, aside from the US and German-speaking Europe, China and Japan.

For additional questions concerning the Institute’s activities please contact the Institute director by telephone +41 (0)43 499 40 20 or by email: