International Mini-MBA Program

Our most comprehensive development program covering everything having to do with leadership and general management with a follow-up case study that ensures long-term knowledge transfer. Thanks to its high application potential and intensive practical focus, this is an ideal development program – and not just for those with extensive business administration background. 4 x 4 days.


How can you become a successful manager? Even if success can only be planned to a certain degree, the foundation for this can certainly be created. Besides expertise and personal commitment, solid leadership and management skills are what make the difference. Only if you can lead, will you be able to effectively realize your concepts and plans and make decisions that achieve results. And if you can plan well, make concept-based, result-oriented decisions, you can lead well too. The goal of this multi-seminar program is to optimize your leadership skills and to teach you everything you need to know about the principles of modern general management including strategy, finance and marketing.

Who should attend

Participants are young executives and managers, specialists, expert staff, but also high potentials from all areas of a company or institution. They all want to qualify for an upper management position and move  into a leadership role involving greater spans of control and cross-unit collaboration.


The International Mini-MBA Program consists of four modules:

  • Module 1: Leadership and Personality – Self-management, social skills, leading employees as the starting point for management success. 4 days
  • Module 2: Strategic Management and Implementation – Methods and tools for strategic management and its application. 4 days
  • Module 3: Marketing – the relationship between market position, customer benefits and market success. 4 days
  • Module 4: Financial Management – the most important aspects of finance and accounting. 4 days

The order that the modules are held might vary.

How you benefit

Participants will

  • Better understand the overall context of modern management that secures the future and optimizes the present
  • Understand the principles and mechanisms of strategic management
  • Learn the keys to modern marketing and those factors that determine market success
  • Understand the relationship between finance, accounting and corporate value
  • Increase even further your social competence and  improve your ability to communicate
  • Learn to use individual motivators to drive behavior and build successful teams
  • Learn how to actively use the full scope of their own management ability

After completing the program, participants will be able

  • To use their knowledge of markets, customers, technologies, competition and industry dynamics to develop sensible concepts and business models
  • To make a contribution to implementing strategic programs and to help drive things forward with new ideas
  • To understand marketing concepts and come up with a program to drive customer satisfaction, customer retention and for capitalizing on customer potential

  • To make a major contribution to achieving financial objectives by the competent use of profit management tools
  • To create a working environment that allows for effective, goal-oriented work and efficiency
  • To skillfully apply tools of employee management and together with others achieve ambitious business goals

Areas of Focus

Leadership and Personality

  • Knowing yourself – managing yourself
  • Developing your own management style
  • Keeping a personal work-life balance
  • The elements of social competence
  • What characterizes good leadership?
  • Different leadership styles – developing the correct situational leadership skills
  • Getting objectives approved
  • How to delegate in a sensible way?
  • Getting employees qualified, supporting and coaching them
  • Identifying untapped performance potential
  • Mastering difficult leadership situations
  • Being successful in critical meeting situations
  • How to deal with conflict
  • How to build and lead high-performance teams
  • Motivating others in international settings

Strategic Management and its Implementation

  • Holistic strategic management
  • The corporation and its environment
  • Globalization and internationalization
  • Digitalization and technology management
  • The interest of stakeholders
  • How to think strategically
  • How to analyze strategically
  • How to generate strategic options
  • Understanding the strategic process
  • Using the tools of strategic management
  • How to successfully implement a strategy using marketing and sales activities
  • How to successfully anchor strategies and developing skills to handle resistance to them

Marketing and Market Success

  • The basics of marketing and how it is conducted
  • What does good marketing achieve?
  • Creating policies for performing well in the marketplace
  • Sales and distribution strategies
  • Market cultivation, communication, pricing strategies
  • Distribution, logistics
  • Innovation management
  • Branding and corporate identity
  • Marketing plans
  • Online and digital marketing, social media
  • Performance measurements for marketing

Financial Management and Controlling

  • An overview of finance and accounting
  • Balance-sheet analysis and performance analysis
  • Developing the right control parameters
  • Methods of financing – equity or debt capital, internal or external financing
  • The cost of capital and capital structure
  • Understanding financial objectives, correct use of key-performance indicators
  • Financial planning, budgeting and business planning
  • Cost accounting, contribution margin calculations and pricing
  • Investments, added value, profitability
  • Instruments of profit management and how to use them
  • Controlling