International Junior Management Program

Understanding all the facets of management. Strategy, marketing, customer-orientation, implementation, self-management, social competence, first experience leading employees and developing your own management personality. 5  + 4 seminar days.


As a young manager, junior staff or a specialist with responsibility, you have ideas that you want to bring to your company and you want to make a difference. There are lots of things to improve, optimize and change. If there is anything missing, it’s experience. You haven’t learned what working for an organization for many years can teach you. Knowledge that is expensive to come by – through tests, paying for coursework, through systematic learning. But primarily, you do not yet know the difference between good management and bad management, which management models in which situation lead to objective-attainment, what tools and methods you need to think holistically in specific real-world situations and how to always work in a result-oriented way. In short, you have yet to learn the art of holistic corporate management. The good news is – this knowledge you can learn. For many years, our lecturers have pursued the goal of making management knowledge teachable and learnable. They have analyzed countless case studies from the business world. They have met with companies, CEOs, those responsible for management development and Human Resources, along with management and staff to learn the factors for successful, effective management; and they have read international studies and publications. All of this with the goal of extracting from the multitude of business models, teachings, false teachings and passing fads the content of this program in condensed form.

The 2-part International Junior Management Program teaches you all of this. It will help you fill the gaps in your experience, avoid unnecessary management mistakes, improve your social competence, to differentiate between correctly-conceived approaches from those that are wrong. You will profit directly from the condensed knowledge about right management this program has to offer.

Who should attend

This program was created especially for young executives, junior management and staff, project managers and specialists from all areas of business who want to learn – in a concise and condensed form – the tools needed for good and correct management. This is the ideal course of instruction for 28-42 year-olds who are growing into more management responsibility and seeking the tools and methods to improve their personal effectiveness. And it is also the right program to foster high potentials from the ranks of young management.


Areas of Focus

Part 1: Strategic Management and Market Success

All the Facets of Effective Management

  • Developing a holistic understanding of a company
  • Effective tools, models and system orientation
  • Tools for attaining results

General Rules of Right Management

  • General rules behind managing a company, an organizantional unit or operational areas
  • General rules behind managing individuals, teams, departments and networks

Corporate Policy Measures

  • Guiding principles and business mission
  • Fundamental corporate policy decisions

The Company and its Environment

  • Underlying conditions and external influences
  • The business environment and its constellation of industries

Normative Guidelines and Corporate Values

  • Values, normative management
  • Shareholder or stakeholder value?
  • Customer value as principle to orient business activities on
  • Management and conduct guidelines

Strategic Management, Strategic Direction

  • What differentiates good from bad strategies
  • Developing a strategy that promises success, formulating it and condensing it into decision-making guidelines

The Logic of my Industry, the Logic of the Market

  • Competitive behavior today and in the future
  • The importance of the industry lifecycle
  • Level of maturity and general principles of the market
  • Anticipating how the market will develop
  • Creating and developing markets

Customer Orientation and Market Success

  • Never stop looking for new benefits to the customer
  • How to build-up and use profitable customer relations
  • The prerequisites for market success
  • Achieving the right positioning in the market

Sales Success

  • Everything is for naught without sales
  • Developing a sales concept that promises success
  • How should you manage sales success?

Structures and Processes

  • How company structures and processes bring about efficiency or inefficiency
  • Optimizing structures and processes

Results, Cash Flow, Return on Investment

  • What opportunities are there to manage yearly results, cash flow, return on investment or profit margins?
  • Identifying and using opportunities to increase profits


Part 2: Leading and Leadership Personality


  • The art of setting the right priorities
  • The ability to delegate
  • The necessity of using your time sensibly

Social Competence

  • Psychological foundation
  • What effect to I have on others?
  • Social competence as a prerequisite for successful leadership


  • Conducting meetings to be solution-oriented
  • Rhetoric and appearance
  • Skillful negotiations

Leading Employees

  • Developing employees and leading them to success
  • Tools and methods for leading employees
  • Agreeing on objectives, management with objectives
  • Coaching and support, getting employees the right qualifications

Leading Teams

  • Organizing teams to achieve results
  • Leading an interdisciplinary group of people
  • Using the principles of group dynamics

Your Personal Management Style

  • Managing the situation correctly
  • Management style

Your own Strengths in the Management Process

  • Using your strengths to initiate change when change is needed
  • Using your strengths in the analysis process
  • Using your strengths when formulating measures and courses of action
  • Using your strengths to motivate and during the implemenntation process
  • Using your strengths to coach and control

Key details

Part 1: 21.08.2023 - 24.08.2023, Davos
Part 2: 23.10.2023 - 26.10.2023, Davos
CHF 7'900.- (plus VAT)

Part 1: 21.08.2023 - 24.08.2023, Davos
Part 2: 18.03.2024 - 21.03.2024, Frankfurt
CHF 7'900.- (plus VAT)


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