Effective Leadership & People Skills

In this seminar, you will obtain knowledge, tools and get feedback for further developing your leadership skills. 4 days.


Effective leadership turns personal strengths into impressive results. Every manager possess these kinds of strengths. Those who know what these strengths are and, combined with learnable laws of leadership in theory and practice and actually apply them, will create success. The goal of this seminar is to be able to use your own strengths in a targeted way – to orient yourself, your employees and teams towards high performance and work satisfaction using people skills and motivational leadership behavior.

Who should attend

Participants should be managers and professionals with leadership experience who want to:

  • Check the strengths and weaknesses of their personal leadership skill set
  • Optimize the effect they have on their employees
  • Realize their full leadership potential
  • Lead their team or department to above-average results
  • Prepare themselves for future leadership tasks

Areas of Focus

Know Yourself

  • How to manage yourself
  • Knowing what your leadership style is
  • Personal goals, personality structure and the role you play as a leader

Leadership Qualities

  • What characterizes a strong leadership personality?
  • Rules governing successful employee leadership
  • What abilities are necessary to motivate teams?

The Elements of Social Competency

  • The personality traits making up social competency
  • How can I improve my social competency?
  • Where is it worthwhile to work on myself here?

Concentrate on what’s Important

  • What it really means to lead efficiently and effectively
  • Controlling complexity, prioritizing, delegating and self-organization

Using the Strengths of Your Employees

  • Strengths and weaknesses of team members
  • Motivating a team to achieve good results
  • Agreeing upon common goals
  • Identifying the potential among employees for even better performance
  • The task of leaders – challenging, encouraging, coaching

Never Avoid what Is Inconvenient

  • How to deal with conflict
  • Managing difficult employees
  • Failure – getting started again
  • Making uncertainty, fears and frustration topics of discussion

Communication as Strength

  • Solution-oriented meetings and one-on-ones
  • Rhetoric, appearance, body language
  • Being confident when appearing before groups
  • Knowing and applying the laws of group dynamics

Leadership Tools, Leadership Methods

  • Skillful use of leadership tools
  • Progress monitoring and support measures
  • Performance assessment, qualification
  • Incentives and rewards, constructive criticism

Key details

26.06.2023 - 29.06.2023, Davos
EUR 4'800.- / CHF 4'500.- (plus VAT)

23.10.2023 - 26.10.2023, Davos
EUR 4'800.- / CHF 4'500.- (plus VAT)


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