Personality, Authenticity & Leadership Presence

Having confidence, being able to convince others, are traits you cannot do without if you want to achieve even more. You will evaluate and enhance your repertoire of personal and socials skills in this 3 day top-level personality training for managers.


In today’s turbulent times, executives and managers are expected, more than ever before, to master difficult situations, and prevailing management methods are increasingly not enough. Developing your own leadership personality and personal appearance – so you come across authentic, clearheaded, competent, and a person people want to know – will lead to trust, respect, recognition and sustainable success as a manager.

You can lead more effectively, calm and composed, if you know your own personality, your own resources and potential. Confident managers like you need to know your strengths and weaknesses. You need to have a clear picture of how your conduct effects those around you, so you can use this to strengthen your people skills even further. We will show you how to achieve this.

Who should attend

  • Motivated managers who seek an open and constructiven evaluation of their personality and how they appear to others in professional and private situations
  • Managers and specialists who want to attain tools that will help them use their personality to even better effect
  • People pursuing important positions at their company and have the personality to achieve it.

Curiosity and the willingness to question yourself as a person are the prerequisites for successful participation in this seminar.

How you benefit

This course will help your personality be even stronger than it already is. You will evaluate and enhance your repertoire of personal and socials skills by using them in various simulated real-world business situations. Under no circumstances will you practice the same conduct each time. On the contrary, you as a person – with all its rough edges – should be visible at all times. You will learn how to handle public and private situations with confidence and to be effective and convincing.

Key details


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Areas of Focus

  • Recognizing your own personality type and your own behavioral patterns
  • Attributes of management and leadership conduct
  • Growing with management tasks
  • Self-analysis and how your surroundings, employees, supervisors and customers perceive you
  • The secret behind coming across in a positive way to others
  • A successful manager’s appearance and its effect on others
  • How to recognize and master insecurity and doubt
  • Dealing with conflicts and fears in a professional way
  • Analysis and targeted application of your strengths; identifying and compensating for weakness
  • How to motivation others, get them enthused about their work
  • Improving the quality of personal relationships – knowing human nature and trusting
  • Recognition and respect
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication expertise and its effect on others
  • Tips and tricks for the right outfit and appearance
  • Targeted use of language, rhetoric and behavioral patterns
  • Ways to be even more calm and collected
  • Recommendations for reducing stress when appearing in public and privately