Entrepreneurship & Business Development

This Boston Business School Institute focuses on sustainable business development by combining entrepreneurial action with strategic thinking.

Many businesses cut costs due to the business pressure, with the consequence that they lose a large part of their accumulated knowledge. This means for those organizations that management no longer has the time to consciously pursue innovation and develop new businesses, despite the fact that both are the foundation for future success.

The Institute for Strategic Entrepreneurship and Business Development helps organizations to once again become entrepreneurial in order to sustainably secure their future. Together with our clients, we work out and implement business models, which combine entrepreneurial action and strategic thinking.

The Institute for Strategic Entrepreneurship and Business development maintains, as its primary goal, the active advisory of its clients in developing new businesses with innovative products and services.

With seminars, in-house workshops, research and consulting, we support our clients with the following tasks:

  • Analysis of competitive strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifying, evaluating, and implementing new ideas and business opportunities
  • Setting up? idea incubators?
  • Instilling the organization with entrepreneurial spirit
  • Managing new business portfolios
  • Developing an entrepreneurial leadership culture and organizational structures

The Institute for Strategic Entrepreneurship and Business Development BBS supports businesses, which strive to proactively shape their future through conscious development of new business opportunities. They use internal potential and build on their own strengths, but are also open to external expertise.

Institute for Strategic Entreprenuership & Business Development BBS

Dr. Andreas B├╝rgin is head of the Institute for Strategic Entrepreneurship and Business Development BBS of Boston Business School. He has many years of practical experience in leading positions, in both a national and international environment. He himself is an entrepreneur, as owner and board member of several SMEs. Moreover, he is also lecturer for integrated business management, new business development, and innovation and technology management at different educational institutions.

For additional questions concerning the Institute’s activities please contact the Institute director by telephone +41 (0)43 499 40 20 or by email: a.buergin@bostonprograms.com