Financial Management & Corporate Governance

This Institute’s focus is to reliably ensure the sustainability of a business through the strategic use of capital markets, financial instruments and management, as well as the development of suitable corporate governance policy.

Increasing financial competence in upper management and successful translation of financial management concepts into operational terms are central topics of the Institute for Financial Management and Corporate Governance, led by Osama Rifai.

Executives will quickly become aware of the importance of financial management for the simple reason that most decisions are directly connected with financial questions: investment approvals; new business ventures; strategic cost management; financing growth and innovation; cash flow; increasing profitability and corporate value; obtaining favorable financing; acquisitions and liquidations; structuring and implementing cooperation and strategic alliance strategies and much more.

The Institute’s other area of focus center around corporate governance questions, a topic, which is not just of immense importance to managers and board members. Owners and shareholders, auditors, representatives of public institutions and authorities, as well as parties and non-profits, all require effective corporate governance policies. The tightening of auditing requirements is apparent and felt on all levels. Those responsible for guiding the organization will be held more accountable in the future; in order to meet the demand for accountability, adequate monitoring instruments are needed to make the requirements and content of corporate governance policy effective.

Using seminars, in-house workshops, consulting and research, we support clients in the following tasks related to financial management and corporate governance:

  • Profitability management
  • Cash and treasury management
  • Project finance
  • Private equity financing
  • Management buy-outs and buy-ins
  • Risk and crisis management
  • International Corporate Governance Standards
  • Developing and implementing corporate governance policy
  • Corporate performance monitoring

We show executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and board members, concrete solutions, which are not only conceptually solid and convincing, but also that can be successfully translated into the business reality to achieve an actual increase in value. For successful implementation, the Institute for Financial Management and Corporate Governance BBS works on various levels with its clients: from thorough financial analysis to developing the right pro-active communications strategy for addressing the media.

Institute for Financial Management & Corporate Governance BBS

Osama Rifai is director of the Institute for Financial Management and Corporate Governance at Boston Business School. His approach to research, teaching, project implementation, capital market financing, restructuring, M&A, emphasizes not only specialist knowledge and tools, but also having the proper communication abilities and channels in place. He has been active for many years as senior advisor to many companies in the industrial and banking sectors.

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