Innovation Management

The Institute for Innovation & Competitive Advantage BBS specializes in identifying and realizing innovation to defend and advance the competitive advantages and profitability of a company.

Innovations define our lives. The quest for something better is a central theme of human history. Innovations are an important factor of success in an ever more intensive competitive environment. Only those businesses that can continually reinvent themselves and gain new competitive advantages will be able to survive long-term.

The Innovation Management & Competitive Advantage Institute BBS catalyzes development and successful implementation of innovations in operational practice.

With seminars, in-house workshops, consulting and research, we help businesses to take on the following innovation management missions:

  • Improving strategic position and profitability through innovation
  • Building an innovative organization
  • Guiding innovation processes
  • Activating internal and external sources of innovation
  • Identifying potential sources of innovation (products, processes, structures, markets)
  • Valuing ideas based on the innovation scorecard
  • Internal and external marketing of ideas
  • Breaking down barriers to innovation
  • Securing intellectual property
Innovation does not happen by accident. It is the result of a systematic process, which is learnable and can be guided. Businesses must seek out sources and ideas of innovation in a targeted manner; at the same time, they must know and implement the principles of methodical innovation management. The Institute for Innovation Management BBS supports businesses in this existential task.

Many innovation projects fail in reality because even the best ideas are of no use when they cannot be implemented. This why the Institute applies a wide range of tools, within existing organizations, to direct successful implementation of product, process, structural, and market innovation, thus ensuring their competitiveness. We show managers, entrepreneurs, and board members, concrete instruments to activate internal and external ideas by drawing on various techniques from strategy, marketing, controlling, and creative approaches.

Institute for Innovation Management & Competitiveness BBS

Head of the Institute for Innovation-Management and Competitiveness is Dr. Marcus Disselkamp. His integrated approach to research and practical development for innovation management is a product of Dr. Disselkamp’s many years of management and consulting experience for numerous innovation projects in various industries and countries, including the USA. This uniquely allows Dr. Disselkamp to act as a sparring partner for CEOs and corporate boards.

For additional questions concerning the Institute’s activities please contact the Institute director by telephone +41 (0)43 499 40 20 or by email: