Process Management

The effectiveness and efficiency of internal and external business processes are the key to sustainable business success.

All businesses strive for market share growth and customer proximity; they also try to improve their flexibility and reaction time. Achieving these aims whilst realizing cost reductions is at the heart of business process management. It is the effectiveness and efficiency of the internal and external business processes, which lay the foundation for long-term and sustainable change.

The Institute for Business Process Management BBS develops concepts together with its clients in order to sustainably establish business process and performance management throughout their organizations. To that end, the latest discoveries in research, teaching, and practice are integrated into the concept design and implementation.

The Institute accompanies its clients through the transformation from a functional organization to a process-oriented organization; processes will be clearly aligned with the value chain, and non-value-adding activities will be eliminated.

With seminars, in-house workshops and consulting services, we support clients with the following tasks:

  • Developing customer specific concepts for business process management
  • Designing strategic and customer-oriented business processes
  • Deriving operative process goals from strategic goals.
  • Identifying weaknesses in processes
  • Defining effective and efficient key processes
  • Adjusting organizational structures to the processes
  • Evaluating existing IT systems in the context of new key processes
  • Establishing appropriate process controls (key performance indicators)
  • Outsourcing business processes
  • Change management
  • Implementation of business process management

The Institute for Business Process Management BBS offers businesses a theoretically sound and empirically verified approach to establish business process management in their organizations. In doing so, the different levels of management learn how to leverage process management in order to attain strategic and operational goals.

Institute for Business Process Management BBS

Wolfgang Bierer is director of the Institute for Business Process Management of the Boston Business School. As instructor and consultant, his specialties are in business process optimization and strategic business process management. For a large German consulting firm, he was responsible for the methodological development of business process strategy. Wolfgang Bierer possesses broad international project experience. Among his countries of expertise are Japan, Korea, and China.

For additional questions concerning the Institute’s activities please contact the Institute director by telephone +41 (0)43 499 40 20 or by email: