CEO & Senior Executive Seminar (CSE)

This compact, 4-day seminar will give decision-makers the latest insights, and valuable new ideas, about success-oriented management of modern organizations. Well-founded, practical and result-oriented.


What does modern, future-oriented management look like? Companies face new challenges every day, like dynamic market development, increasing complexity, digitalization, new communication channels, changing business conditions and much more. To deal with these successfully, and to maintain your market position in the future as well, or to even improve upon it, requires more than only solid management skills. Needed is a deep understanding of your company as a dynamic whole. Extensive knowledge of the factors that guarantee a modern company’s success. The ability to develop a vision, to translate it into viable concepts and implement these smoothly. And last but not least, a skillful use of the right methods and tools to bring this about.

How to make your company fit for tomorrow is what our 4-days CEO & Senior Executive Seminar is all about. We will do a deep-dive with you into the three levels of successful management:

  • Thinking strategically
  • Leading authentically
  • Executing decisively

Our comprehensive seminar is for senior executives with responsibility for a company or vital areas of a company or institution. It also targets senior managers who need to prepare for an executive task that entails more responsibility. You can really profit from this 4-day seminar of concentrated knowledge-transfer with high practical relevance for your everyday work. Our motto here is “From Concept to Results.”

Who should attend

Senior executives and upper management, including:

  • CEOs, C-level executives, directors, board members
  • Company owners, shareholding associates and partners
  • Heads of executive management boards
  • Managing directors, general managers, members of the management board
  • Senior managers who need to prepare for a new and important position

How you benefit

  • First-class, experienced lecturers will give you the latest insights into integrated corporate management from a CEO, corporate and executive management perspective.
  • You will undertake a comprehensive, detailed analysis of your own organization. What is its current status quo? How should its future look? What can, and must, be done to achieve future goals?
  • You will get valuable insights into strategic management and will take usable ideas for all areas of executive management home with you.
  • Examples, best practices, ideas and a guided, moderated exchange of experiences guarantee highest levels of practical knowledge and optimal application.

Key details


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Areas of focus

Effective Corporate Management in the Era of Digitalization and Change

  • Rules determining business success
  • Requirements for effective management
  • Putting result-achievement at the center of your thinking and actions
  • From concept to action – the amplifying effects of integrated management practiced every day
  • Finding and analyzing a brilliant business idea
  • Audit – where does your company stand today?

Factors for Successfully Realizing Strategic Superiority

  • Recognizing future markets, competitive configurations and the prerequisites for success
  • Having the ability to establish a profitable market position for the future
  • The art of using your business growth potential, of fostering and tapping into new profit potential
  • Having the power to push forward with transformation processes and strategic changes

Factors for Successfully Realizing Operative Superiority

  • Supporting fields of business, customer proximity and your market strengths; but also your technological and performance expertise
  • Structures that favor performance and productivity
  • Processes that make operative excellence possible
  • Expertise in financial questions

Strategic Management

  • Modern strategic management
  • Growth, productivity and profitability – how are they interrelated?
  • Growth as a “must strategy” or as a “can strategy”
  • Opportunities offered by Industry 4.0 and digitalization
  • Options for creating qualitative and quantitative growth

Concepts for Ensuring Effectiveness

  • How companies and organizations should function
  • How they often function in reality
  • How to successfully deal with complexity
  • The significance of decisions when it comes to fields of business, structures and processes

Strengths and Core Competencies as Drivers of Success and Value

  • Being best somewhere or mediocre everywhere?
  • Customer proximity as a core competency
  • The importance of core competencies for being more successful, and for developing the value of your corporation or business

Successful Implementation

  • The role of change management
  • Accelerating change
  • Knowing and overcoming barriers to implementation
  • Implementation as executive responsibility

Leadership Skills

  • The modern role of a leader
  • Motivation theories and strategies
  • Communication as core competence
  • Work-life balance