Leading Disruptive Change & Innovation

New impulse, a refresher course and trend check. How can the trends in the areas of strategy, digitalization and new technologies be used to earn money for your own business? Where do these offer chances for profitable growth? Where are they a danger due to disruption and competitors with a new business model? And as an executive, how can you proactively plan and control these changes and adaptations to them?


If you operate a successful business today, you want it to stay that way. This is traditionally a part of strategic management. However, trends in the areas of digitalization, technology and even new media can lead to a fast, sometimes abrupt obsolescence of existing business models. Executives who want to be successful in the future need new impulse here and a trend check:

  • Is our current business model still valid and can we preserve and develop it?
  • Are there any disruptive trends threatening us and what new business models should we use to embark on a successful future?
  • How can we awaken sensitivity for change among employees, actively shape the change process and successfully deal with resistance to change?

Who should attend

  • Executives who are responsible for the strategic direction of a company or important parts of it
  • Men and women responsible for products, markets, customers, key accounts, country organizations and other important areas of a company
  • Those responsible for innovation, new business, securing the future
  • Executives given the task of preserving and expanding an existing business activity
  • Executives and specialists who are responsible for developing new business and business development tasks
  • Specialists and project managers in the areas of business model development
  • Managers responsible for corporate start-ups

How you benefit

The approach here is to have agile strategy and business development, change management and leadership. Cus- tomer needs, and customer problems unsolved until now, should form the basis for developing new business models. With these, new markets can be created or today’s markets changed with the goal of occupying a profitable market posi- tion long-term. How does business development function? What do digitalization and Industry 4.0 mean for my company’s strategy? How do we take employees with us and how do we successfully deal with their resistance to change?


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Areas of Focus

Rethinking Your Business for the Age of Digital Transformation

  • The digital world: overview and concepts
  • Understanding networks, platforms and data
  • Digital business agility and strategic management
  • Business development in times of change
  • Managing Innovation and new business development

The Connected Customer: Digital Marketing and Social Media

  • Leading a customer-centric value chain
  • Digital marketing essentials
  • Social media and social advertising

Agility and Digital Leadership

  • The age of new working models
  • The leader of the future
  • Fostering creativity, collaboration and inclusivity
  • Doing agile right

Leadership, Change and Transformation

  • Leadership challenges and competencies
  • One’s own personality in the leadership process
  • The latest insights into leadership styles
  • Successful leadership in times of change
  • Change in an era of Industry 4.0 and globalization
  • Fit for the future – corporate culture and change
  • Leading leaders
  • The most important factors of success in the change process
  • Different phases of the change process and the dynamics behind them
  • Successful implementation