Driving Corporate Performance

Our top program on the subjects of general management and financial management. You get knowledge from our top-quality lecturers that is indispensable for sustainable corporate success. You will learn how general management, strategy and financial management interact to create value. 5 + 4 days.


The time between important decisions made by executives that guide their companies and have a major impact on financial goals is getting shorter and shorter. At the same time, financial targets define the scope an executive has for action and possible courses of action. The art of effective management is mastering the interplay between general management and finance so that strategic, operative and financial excellence is the result.

Who should attend

  • Managing directors, general managers and members of management boards
  • Company owners and business men and women with proven success
  • Executives responsible for the general management tasks of important business units, departments, business areas and profit centers
  • Executives looking to update their knowledge in general management and financial management
  • Executives seeking new ideas about their own management job and an exchange of knowledge with others


Part 1: A seminar with truly proven knowledge about integrated general management. 5 days

Part 2: Seminar about financial management tasks and the vital decisions that executives must make. 4 days

Key details

Areas of Focus

Part 1

General Management and the Paths to Business Success

On the way to a successful future, a company must readjust the course it’s on again and again. We show you really useful principles that will help you achieve modern, result-oriented corporate management.

Strategic Management and Safeguarding the Future

Empirical findings, studies and long years of practical experience should help to avoid wrong strategies and strategic dead-ends, and instead ensure that your company survives long-term with above-average profits. To achieve this, steps at adaption are needed over and over again, especially in an era of digitalization.

Discontinuity and New Business Models

The biggest strategic challenges facing companies today are discontinuity and displacement processes. What usually begins harmlessly can eventually mean massive changes to industry structures. Companies that don’t adapt their business model to these, disappear from the market.

Marketing and Market Success

Profitable companies in attractive markets inspire competitors to enter the same markets. It’s important, therefore, to safeguard your existing market position through strategic and marketing concepts.

New Business and Innovation

The cash cow of the future has to first be developed and brought to market using the right launch strategy. Digitalization, Industry 4.0 and new technologies are changing the rules behind this process.

Strengths, Expertise and Competitive Advantages

The value of a company is ultimately defined by its expertise and competitive advantages. To develop these is the main task of general management.

Corporate Finance

Before a new strategy is rolled out, its financial consequences have to be thought-through carefully. What are the new strategy’s financial requirements? What are the probable effects of these on company value?

Leadership and Result-Orientation

To inspire others to achieve common goals. Communicating company vision, and from it deriving and realizing ambitious targets. And during all of this, never losing sight of what really matters – result-achievement. We show you what leadership can contribute to this process.