Excellence in Online Marketing & Social Media

The possibility of using online marketing and social media for your company’s marketing and business strategy – in a way that’s cost-effective, transparent and measurable. 3 days.


Online marketing and social media are very attractive to a company’s marketing and business strategy. Their possibilities for reaching a large number of customers, who have not been customers until now, and to interact with them are almost limitless. At the same time, they are cost-efficient, transparent and measurable. But only if you employ your online marketing and social media activities correctly and combine them with classic activities. We will show you how to do this, which is especially important now, as technology and the tools you need continue to develop at breakneck speed.

Who should attend

This seminar is perfect for executives and high-performers from customer and market-oriented areas of the business; along with managers and specialists for:

  • Marketing, product management
  • Brand management, communication and advertising
  • Distribution and sales, customer service

How you benefit

  • You will experience first-hand how online marketing and social media can be used, from branding to promoting sales and winning new customers
  • You will learn how to take advantage of online marketing and social media as an integral part of your corporate communications
  • You will understand how to avoid letting the complexity and costs of online communications get out of hand, while making your activities transparent and measurable
  • You will learn how to design an online marketing concept that is tailor-made for your company

Key details


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Areas of Focus

Creating and Launching an Online Marketing Strategy

  • Effective communications today
  • Making your company fit for an online future
  • Website marketing and usability
  • Important measurement parameters and defining them
  • Tools and how they function

Search-Engine Marketing and Digital Advertising

  • From keywords to Adwords to Google Analytics – definitions and tools
  • How can you achieve top rankings at Google?
  • How can you reach your customers using search-engine optimization?
  • When does online advertising pay off?
  • Developing and implementing targeted Adwords campaigns

Social Platforms as Part of your Marketing Strategy

  • The technologies, strategies and tactics of social-media marketing
  • An introduction into the use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube for marketing purposes
  • How to take advantage of the potential of these media as part of your company’s marketing and communication strategy
  • Creating messages and placing them effectively

Social-Media Strategies

  • Relevance, identification, factors of success
  • Planning and conceiving a social-media strategy
  • Social-media monitoring

Social-Media Programs

  • Facebook marketing and Twitter for business
  • Instant messaging – Snapchat and WhatsApp
  • Forums and blogs
  • YouTube as a marketing channel