General Management for Emerging Leaders

A integrated approach that fosters business talent and teaches them how to develop entrepreneurial thinking and focus on results. In this concise and well-structured course, they will get everything they need to know about general management in 4 days.


This holistic «all-in-one» general management course offers you a complete and concise overview of result-oriented management techniques. During the 4-day course, you will learn the principles and factors for good and successful management. The seminar has a structured approach that delivers clear and understandable know-how. You will have numerous examples to learn from, and we will give you valuable tools, used every day in business, which will help you apply what you learned at our seminar at your company.

Who should attend

  • Emerging leaders from every area of the company, who want to learn about modern general management
  • Practitioners, professionals, specialists and project managers, who want to prepare themselves for responsible management tasks by sharpening their practical-focused knowledge, abilities and tools
  • Engineers, technicians, lawyers, medical doctors etc. who want to acquire management knowledge about their specialist areas so they can be more effective in handling their own tasks
  • High potentials, management talents and young professionals who want to increase their expertise in using their ideas for the market and the opportunities they see there, to create a growing and profitable business

Areas of Focus

An Integrated Approach to Modern General Management

  • The company and its environment
  • Priority corporate objectives and their significance
  • How does successful management function, what are then control factors for success?
  • Putting results in the center of all activities, the importance of efficiency and effectiveness
  • What do you need to win people over?
  • Thinking decisions to the end
  • Operative excellence, performance and productivity

Strategic Management

  • Strategic management as a concept
  • Competition and having the ability to compete
  • An analysis of strategic «must-dos»
  • Using the tools of strategic management correctly
  • What processes should be used in creating a strategy?
  • Business development
  • Developing precise strategies with ambitious objectives
  • Targeted use of resources and skills

Market and Customer-Oriented Management

  • Recognizing market opportunities
  • Analyzing markets
  • Understanding what customer demands are
  • Developing value innovationn
  • Working out customer benefits in a team

The Business Model and its Components

  • The value proposition, the architecture of value creation and profit models
  • Identifying and describing business models
  • Drafting a promising market model
  • Developing innovative business models
  • How the internet and digitalization are influencing business models

Marketing, Sales and Market Success

  • What you need to do to achieve success in the marketplace
  • Positioning and brand management
  • How best to use marketing tools
  • Managing the product portfolio
  • Controlling the selling process
  • Potential-oriented customer focus
  • How to amaze your customers

Successful Implementation

  • What do you need to win people over?
  • Avoiding typical implementation mistakes
  • Change Management


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