Management Acceleration Program

Compact, comprehensive knowledge about the integrated, success-oriented management of a modern organization, as well as actively forming the future using business development and innovation. This is what we offer in our 7-day, executive management program that is oriented on result-achievement and practical use.


Our Management Acceleration Program is a 4+3-day executive management program for men and women with responsibility for a company, vital areas of a organization or an institution.


  • Part 1: Executive Management. 4 days
  • Part 2: Business Development, Digitalization and Innovation. 3 days

How you benefit

This program offers the highest possible levels for practical use for participants who:


  • are looking for new ideas about holistic corporate management and ensuring the future of their company
  • after several years of successful management activity, want to enhance their management knowledge even further with future-oriented management methods, best practices and proven tools
  • expect an exchange of information and feedback from our lecturers and decision-making participants, and to network with them
  • are looking for inspiration to improve their own power of innovation as a successful senior manager even further


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Areas of focus

Effective Management


  • Empirical rules governing corporate success
  • Requirements for effective management
  • Putting result-achievement in the middle of your thinking and activities
  • From concept to action – the amplifying effect of a management model practiced every day
  • Managing company value

The Factors behind Successful Strategic Superiority


  • Identifying future markets, competitor configurations and the prerequisites for success
  • The ability to develop profitable market positions for the future
  • The art of cultivating and capitalizing on business potential, and of exploiting innovative new profit potential
  • Determining your value drivers and using them
  • Having the power to push forward with the transformationn process and strategic change

Efficiency by Design


  • How companies and organizations should function
  • How they often function in reality
  • The importance of decisions for fields of business, structures and processes

Core Competencies as Driver of Success and Value


  • The best somewhere, or average everywhere?
  • Customer proximity as core expertise
  • The importance of core expertise for increasing success, and for developing the value of your company or business

Personal Development as an Executive Leader


  • Executive leadership in the age of digitalization and globalization
  • Communication as an important tool of an executive
  • Successfully handling change

Ensuring Growth through Business Development, Digitalization and Innovation


  • How growth, productivity and profitability are interrelated
  • Growth as a “must” or a “can” strategy
  • Options for qualitative and quantitative growth
  • Business development and business models
  • Using digitalization to stimulate growth