International Marketing & Sales Program

This 2-part program gives you the latest practical knowledge about the factors for successful modern marketing and sales management.


In marketing and sales, there is often enormous potential for optimization. For instance, setting yourself apart from the competition by realizing new customer benefits. Or deepening existing customer relations and capitalizing on the potential of the customer better. And potential is especially high, if you are successful at marketing and selling attractive products and services in a way that is truly optimal. Marketing and sales are very wide-ranging.

We will show you what good marketing is and especially what it can achieve. To ensure marketing objectives are achievable, you need the right marketing strategy and operative implementation, the right marketing mix and concept, and a robust sales approach. Organizing an effective sale and distribution network will ultimately decide if you are successful in the marketplace. This 2-part program will show you the factors for successful modern marketing and sales management.

Who should attend

  • Marketing, distribution and sales executives
  • Those responsible for product or brand management
  • Managers from technical or business areas who want to learn more about marketing and sales
  • Executives and company owners who are thinking about the future of marketing in their own organization and who want to further integrate current trends like digital and online marketing more into their marketing concepts. Or just the opposite, choose not to do this at present.


Part 1: A seminar on the structures, methods and interrelationships of marketing management. 4 days
Part 2: A seminar on the most important topics affecting modern sales management. 3 days

Key details


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Areas of Focus

Effective Marketing and Marketing Objectives

  • Customer needs as starting point of good marketing
  • The most important objectives of marketing and sales
  • Market, customer and competitor analyses – what do we really know about our market?

Strategic Marketing and Market Positioning

  • The vital elements of any marketing strategy
  • Segmentation, corporate identity, market launch and cost-leadership strategies
  • Marketing for innovation
  • Determining a marketing strategy that suits you

Organizing an Effective Marketing Mix

  • Policies for products, performance and portfolios
  • Creating the right pricing and terms – the most important tools
  • Communication – tools that are already available
  • Distribution and sales – choosing the right sales channels
  • How to integrate online marketing and social media
  • Tools to help coordinate your marketing mix
  • Continuous monitoring of your marketing mix

Modern Sales Management

  • The sales concept
  • Developing an effective sales process
  • Planning sales strengths and realizing them

Customer Relations Management

  • Customer loyalty and pricing policy
  • Determining customer value
  • Marketing and sales with key accounts
  • Active key account management

Sales Channel Management, Sales Profitability

  • Creating and managing effective sales channels
  • Managing the sales force, developing high performers
  • Sales planning, budgeting and controlling