Personal Performance

This 3-part program for executives, ambitious specialists and practitioners deals with the essential topics and skills behind authentic presence, effective communication and smart decision-making, and trains you in them.


Strategy like you apply in chess, team spirit in football and the endurance you need running a marathon – when we talk about management and leadership, we often run into analogies from sports. But what does a manager’s average day really look like? How far does the ideal picture of a dynamic manager, who easily triumphs over the competition, correspond to this reality? Every manager has to deal with aimless meetings, time-consuming answering of emails and the exhausting struggle with internal and external red-tape. But then there are those decisive moments when you need to have your total package of successful management skills ready – whether it’s the appropriate negotiation techniques, skill at leading meetings or the ability to make decisions as the situation calls for. To enhance how you perform at work is the goal of this 9-day advanced training program. Taught by top lecturers with experience, it uses role-playing, video recordings, interactive training, active feedback and other practical-oriented methods.

Who should attend

Participants are typically:

  • Executives and managers seeking to give a boost to their
    negotiation skills and to practice them
  • Practitioners, managers and specialists looking to train
    using the tools of top management
  • Executives with the desire to take their soft skills to the
    next level


Part 1: Smart Decision-Making. 3 days
Part 2: Authentic Personality and Presence. 3 days
Part 3: Persuasive Negotiating and Communicating. 3 days

Key details


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Areas of Focus

Smart Decision-Making

  • Attributes of my own decision-making behavior
  • Analyzing decision-making situations, clarifying goals
  • Generating and assessing alternative decisions
  • Alternative decision-making channels
  • When can you follow your intuition?
  • Decision-making and decision-making behavior at the top
  • Errors in reasoning that are all-too “human”

Authentic Presence, Persuading with your Personality

  • The presence and effect of successful executives
  • Self-analysis and recognition via your surroundings, employees, bosses and customers
  • Recognizing and conquering inconsistencies and insecurities
  • Competency in verbal and non-verbal communication

Strong Communication, Persuasive Negotiations

  • Starting up a conversation
  • The art of active listening
  • Emotional competence in discussions, meetings and one-on-ones
  • Believability in critical discussion situations
  • The art of building up a convincing line of argument
  • Expertise in argumentation during the negotiation process
  • Targeted application of negotiation techniques
  • Recognizing opportunities during negotiations, mastering negotiation crises
  • Where do you need to be tough in negotiations?
  • Turning a conflict of interest into a win-win situation