Strategic Sales Management Program

This two-part program teaches the key principles of strategic sales management that is focused on customer value, long-term growth and the bottom line. It demonstrates how you can achieve even better sales results. 4 + 4 days.


The business environment is characterized by permanent price erosion and ever-tougher competition, with increasing customer demands. Permanently successful companies have an answer – executives who search for wide-ranging contact to the market, and who are able to integrate what they learn into the long-term strategic orientation of their company. To ensure this happens without a hitch, executives and man- agers must understand the system of strategic management and the essential elements of sales management and profitable customer relationships.

Part 1 of the program consists, therefore, of a seminar on strategy. The subjects covered are strategic thinking, competitive advantages and long term strategy. These represent the targets and courses of action which form the basis for sales concepts and daily work with customers and sales partners in the marketplace. Ultimately, the success of a strategy can only be measured at the point-of-sale. Here the success of what was concocted by strategists and marketing, and what was built by the technology and production teams, is implemented. If sales stagnate, the entire company is in trouble. Effective sales management decides the well-being of a company.
Part 2 is concerned with customer value and sales management.

Who should attend

  • Senior sales executives, sales directors, key-account managers
  • Managers, sales professionals, and specialists who work in close market and customer proximity
  • CEOs and company owners who want to enhance their knowledge about strategy, customer value and sales even further


Part 1: Strategic Management. The Conceptual Structure for Sales. 4 days.
Part 2: Sales Management. From Concept to Sales Success. 3 days.

Key details

Part 1: 26.8.2019 - 29.8.2019, Luzern
Part 2: 26.11.2019 - 29.11.2019, Berlin
EUR 6'400.– / CHF 6'900.– / US$ 7'600.– (plus VAT)

Part 1: 22.10.2019 - 25.10.2019, Boston, MA
Part 2: 26.11.2019 - 29.11.2019, Berlin
EUR 6'400.– / CHF 6'900.– / US$ 7'600.– (plus VAT)


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Areas of Focus

The Successful Company

  • Success from a holistic perspective
  • The role of sales in holistic management

Customer Benefits as the Reason for a Company’s Existence

  • Maintaining, cultivating and expanding your market position
  • Innovation and new business models

The Strategy for Success in your Current Business

  • Strategies leading to success in your current business operations
  • Strategies for success in the business of the future

The Process of Strategy Design

  • Developing and evaluation strategic options
  • Integrating what’s important for sales into the strategic process
  • Coming up with the best-possible strategy

Customer Value and Sales Management

  • From strategy to sales concept
  • Translating strategic objectives into market-share, sales and result objectives
  • Focus on development through portfolio management

Sales Channel Management

  • Optimizing existing channels, establishing new ones
  • Designing effective sales processes
  • The internet as a sales channel

Managing a Sales Organization

  • Using sales resources in a way that conforms to strategy
  • Creating the right incentives
  • Expanding the expertise for sales success

Establishing long-term Customer Relationships

  • Account management in theory and in practice
  • Analysis and assessment of decision-making structures
  • Relationship management, understanding buying processes