Services & Competences

Boston Business School develops and distills new management knowledge, which is taught and applied in all our management development courses. The objective is to give our customers suggestions for their day-to-day work.
We offer the following management development courses and services:

Open Programs

Open-enrollment management programs are open to everyone and cover specific management topics. They are held in one or two sessions of 3 to 5 days. They focus on executives, managers and executives-in-training.

Degree and Certificate Programs

Degree and certificate programs provide integrated and comprehensive learning that provide executives, managers, and executives with general management skills, solid management tools, different perspectives, and opportunities for specialization.

Corporate Programs

These programs are designed to meet in-company training and learning needs in German, English or French. The entire learning experience, from defining the curriculum to determining the optimal course delivery, is based on the objectives and resources of the partner organization.


Boston Business School and its partners can be retained on a consulting basis to help an organization assess its key problems and goals, thereby lending valuable insight, tools, and solutions specifically designed for the company’s everyday and future operations.


Time is management’s most important resource, be it top executive or high potential. E-Learning is a form of learning which is characterized by efficiency and here Boston Business School is well positioned by having entered global alliances.


Boston Businesss School produces quality research that enhances business effectiveness and acts as a catalyst for implementing management processes. Current research projects are focused on:

  • Implementing strategies
  • Executive decision making
  • Opportunities and limits of leadership