Customized Learning

Individualized Learning – University Certificate & Study Programs

Has one of our programs raised your interest in a particular field where you want to dive in deeper? With our degree and certificate programs, you can enhance your management and leadership skills even when you’re unable to invest the time required for an MBA degree. Boston Business School’s study programs are designed in such a way that you can continue to work full time.

University Certificate Programs

Boston Business School has partnered with Florida Gulf Coast University to bring you several one-month long distance learning certificates. They are compact, intensive and bring you a credential from an AACSB-accredited university. Current university certificate programs include strategy, finance and marketing. Certificate descriptions can be found here:

Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs (non-academic)

Our extended and customizable certificate programs provide in-depth study of particular fields, from general management to leadership. The programs help managers and executives develop the practical business skills required in today’s global marketplace. They usually take 6-18 months and build on Boston Business School’s programs, adding distance learning modules and written assignments. Current study programs include business administration, finance, marketing, strategy and leadership. They are non-academic and do not lead to a degree.

Advanced Study Programs (Non-academic)

Our advanced study programs in general management meet the needs of experienced professionals who want to sharpen their skills or explore new fields. The programs differ from the other programs in the added degree of exposure to concepts, case studies and longer duration. The mix of our renown on site programs, distance learning modules and written assignments, including a a project paper, is an excellent way for participants to acquire the essential skills and competencies to unlock top jobs in the private and public sectors. They are non-academic and do not lead to a degree.

Customized In-Company Certificate Programs

Using our learning tools, resources and efficient processes, we would be pleased to adapt any of our certificate programs for a group of students or a particular industry, or to design something completely different to meet the particular needs and interests of your group and industry.