Mini-Master in International Management BBS

Up-and-coming managers, specialists, and executives in training, who are deemed especially worthy of promotion, complete an individualized and part-time foundational course in general management topics over 12 to 18 months to accelerate their international careers.


The first part of this foundational course in general management teaches the systematic and holistic knowledge of a general manager in a compact form and the second part permits specialization in individually chosen areas of focus, such as finance, strategy, or marketing. The course of study, with its individually tailored curriculum, is suited for managers, specialists, and executives in training who are deemed especially worthy of promotion or participants who want to demonstrate their general management proficiency, in a globalized context.

Part-time, the «Mini-Master in International Management» usually takes 12-18 months to complete. It is a non-academic course.


The course of study is split into two parts:

  • Foundational Program, months 1 through 6
  • Specialized Program, months 7 through 18

The foundational program is similar for all participants; it runs for the first 6 months, includes 10 seminar days (general management, business development and leadership), and is accompanied by 3 E-learning modules. From the 7th month onward, participants concentrate on their chosen area of specialization. This includes the remaining 4-8 seminar days that cover material from the desired subject of specialization.



This program comprises the following elements:

Seminar Program

Over the course of the 12-18 months, part-time program, participants attend 11-15 seminar days. Together with the student advisor you define your course of study; you can choose from the entire range of seminars from Boston Business School. Boston Business School’s seminars generally take place in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, or the United States.

E-Learning and Distance Education

The distance education component features three month-long E-learning modules with our university partner, Florida Gulf Coast University. During the specialized part of the program (months 7-18), Boston Business School provides literature, case studies, and tools for in chosen topic of specialization in the form of bimonthly self-study.

Seminar Paper

After 6-9 months, you will compose a 15 to 20-page seminar paper about a topic assigned to you by the head of studies. In writing it, you will gain deeper insigh tinto your field of specialization. The topic is chosen such that you can derive the highest practical benefit for your daily business. You will have 4 weeks time to write the paper between the assignment of the topic and its due date.

Final Paper

Towards the end of the program, you will write a 30 to 50-page final paper; you will have 2 months’ time to write it. It should have a concrete connection to your professional environment and course of study, and also generate real benefit for your employer. The paper can build upon your seminar paper.


If at any time you have questions or feel uncertain, our study advisors are at your disposal.



Those who actively participate in the 11-15 seminar days, work through the distance education content, write the seminar paper, and satisfactorily complete the final paper, receive the «Mini-Master in International Management BBS» certificate.


The part-time study program can be started at any time. After we have received your application, we invite you to an initial interview, which can also be conducted via telephone, to establish an individualized course of study. In this plan, the individual elements of your study program are defined. In doing so, we take your previous knowledge, practical experience, current work situation, and time restrictions into account. The study plan is structured such that this program can be completed in conjunction with your full-time workload, and tailored so as to exhibit a high degree of usefulness for your current functional role.

Daten, Preise & Anmeldung

After the initial contact, where the course of study will be individualized together with you, has taken place, the program starts any time at the beginning of any month.

  • 14-18 seminar days to be attended according to individualized study plan
  • Part-time distance education, based on e-learning and bimonthly modules
  • 1 seminar paper (20–30 pages)
  • Practical final paper (40–60 pages)
  • Tuition: EUR 18'900.– / CHF 21'900.–
  • Application number: Z7500


Study Advisor

For any questions and/or a consultation, we are more than ready at any time at: +41 (0)43 499 4020

You can also sit down any time with our head of studies in Zurich.


To apply, please use the application card at the right.