Executive Decision-Making

How do you make the right decision? This 3-day, indepth and interactive seminar about holistic decision management offers guidance and instruction to executives looking to optimize their decisionsmaking skills even further.


As an executive, you know your decisions will have major implications for your business. Good decisions create values, market position, prosperity and motivation. But how do you make good and correct decisions? A large part of successful management depends on coming up with the right answers to the right questions. Our “Executive Decision-Making” seminar is important for anyone who bears responsibility for company results, and for anyone who influences and shapes their company, a business unit or a department with their decisions.

Who should attend

Executives and experienced middle management from all areas of business who are looking to understand even better the “art” of making decisions, and who want to hone their own decision-making skills even further.


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Areas of Focus

Managing with Decisions

  • The importance of right decisions for the development of your company
  • Decision-making as core competency
  • Decision management as part of your leadership style

What do Research and Business Practices say?

  • How executives make decisions in the real world
  • The typology of a decision-maker
  • The holistic context for management excellence
  • Empirical studies about effective management techniquesn

How Executives make Decisions

  • The hallmarks of skillful decision-making
  • Analyzing important decisions
  • The decision portfolio as a personal management instrument

How Executives should make Decisions

  • Audit – the relevant fields of action
  • Guiding your company in the direction of success
  • Taking a problem-solving approachn Filtering out those possible directions – from many – thatn are less relevant

The Importance of Intuition and Experience

  • Intuition and gut decisions
  • How feelings can improve the quality of decisions
  • Using your intuition and experience correctlyn

Your own Personal Decision-Making Behavior when making Decisions

  • When developing strategy and setting the course your company should take
  • When deciding about investments and resource allocation
  • When making personal decisions
  • When setting objectives and monitoring objective-achievement

Making Group Decisions

  • When does the knowledge of a group exceed that of each individual?
  • Increasing the efficiency of groupsn Realizing group decisionsn

Optimization – Stimulus and Insights from the Seminar

  • Insight 1: My personal decision portfolion
  • Insight 2: My personal decision-making pattern
  • Insight 3: Optimizing potential in decision-making using decision management techniques

Implementing Decisions

  • Handling conflicts with objectives
  • Controlling the consequences of my decisions
  • Communicating my decisions