Executive Management Program (EMP)

Operate successfully today and plan responsibly for tomorrow – this top program for executives offers inspiration, knowledge and orientation about the interplay between the present and the future. You will get knowledge that is proven to work, in a concen- trated and detailed form. 8 days, in 2 parts.


As a managing director, CEO or member of the management board, you know from experience that leading a company, or a part of a company, is one of the most complex jobs you can do, and it bears great responsibility. After all, you have to make landmark decisions in the face of numerous uncertainties, limited resources and usually under a tight deadline. Only people who know where they stand can set the right course for their company. That’s why strategic considerations must always begin with a detailed assessment of the status quo. Then you have to consider the future viability of your company as well. However, this should not be your only goal, to which everything else is sacrificed. Because if you do too much for the future, it will mean not achieving today’s results. And if you only focus on today, you risk getting left behind in the future. It’s precisely the area of finance that demands a constant balancing act from executives like yourself. On the one hand, you need to optimize company results that can be managed short term – like cash flow, profit contribution, company value and profitability. On the other hand, you need to secure the future of your company through promising investments in innovative products or markets, new expertise and skills, or even through external growth.

The balancing act this requires is one of the most difficult things that good executive management has to do. In this program, we will show you how responsible overall optimization functions. Executives, after all, are paid to achieve results.

Who should attend

  • Managing directors, members of executive boards
  • CEOs, C-level executives, executives, board members
  • Executives with general management responsibility
  • Executives in charge of vital company units
  • Executives who are soon to be promoted to a managingdirector or a CEO position, or aspire to hold such a position


Part 1: Executive Management. 4 days

Part 2: Financial Management. 4 days

How you benefit

Starting from the “here and now” of your company, this two-part program does a deep-dive into all questions having to do with strategic and financial management.

  • What is tried and tested executive management, and what can it contribute to business success in uncertain times?
  • Where does my organization stand today regarding its strategic focus, its customer orientation and its financial value; and how can it proactively meet the challenges of the future?
  • What tools of financial management are available and how can they be used to deal with executive leadership tasks even more effectively?
  • What decisions can and must be made?

Key details


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Areas of focus

Part 1: Executive Management

Integrated Management – Key Management Decisions

  • Integrated management approaches, key decisions
  • The difficulty with increasing profit in the current fiscal year, while ensuring the future at the same time
  • Taking advantage of opportunities offered by Industry 4.0 and digitalization

The Key Issues Determining Effective Corporate Management

  • Setting corporate targets, the right strategic timetable
  • Corporate strategy, the appropriate structures
  • Collaboration between executive board and management
  • Change and future viability

Systematic Situation Analysis – the General Management Audit

  • What do the numbers tell me?
  • How to get an overall view of your strategic starting point quickly
  • Identifying bottlenecks, detecting structural obstacles
  • Preventing and simplifying excessive complexity
  • Identifying a strategic need for action
  • Formulating the key issues that will determine a profitable future for your company

Strategic Management, Strategic Focus

  • Modern strategic management
  • The importance of having a strong market position
  • The goal of being active in attractive markets
  • The importance of creating new markets
  • Concise ways to formulate strategy
  • Factors for success in the business of the future
  • Measures to increase profitability and to sustainable increases in corporate value

The Prerequisites for Successful Implementation

  • Speed, result-orientation and customer proximity – it’s all a question of processes and people
  • Developing simple structures that will drive success
  • Effective controlling

Executive Leadership

  • Effective leadership and motivating people
  • Communication
  • Successful change management

Part 2: Financial Management

Integrated Financial Management

  • Financial management overview and update
  • Value-oriented corporate management
  • Setting down financial policies

Planning, Budgeting and Making Investment Decisions

  • The conceptual basis for planning and budgeting
  • Profit targets and return-on-equity objectives

Cost of Capital, Modern Financing

  • Lowering your capital costs
  • Modern forms of financing
  • Financing growth and innovation

Drivers for Efficiency and Profitability

  • Tools for managing results
  • Achieving your cash flow targets
  • Doing away with sources of loss, making portfolio adjustments
  • Restructuring, downsizing and turnaround
  • Increasing your profitability and return

The Design of Cost Structures

  • Developing a reasonable cost concept
  • Determining your break-even point by adjusting it to match your business model

Liquidity, Working Capital Management

  • How much of a liquidity reserve do we need?
  • Tools for managing liquidity
  • Working capital management

The Equity Market and Banks

  • The logic behind the equity market
  • The role played by analysts and opinion-makers
  • Banks and corporate finance

Valuation, Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Acquiring companies and parts of companies
  • Making assessments, due diligence